Layered Cards ❤

This is one my favorite products because it holds so many amazing surprises! The handmade layered card has its definition in the name itself. It is handmade :p and has many, many layers! It is of the one of the best outlets for creativity and I’ve kept you guys waiting long enough. Go on, take a look!


The doors are laced together with yellow satin twine and once they are opened, behold !


The photos begin! This greeting card has so many places where you can stick photos, it can act as a mini album in itself. Let’s open the doors once again 😀


To take a closer look at the cute yellow pouches fastened with baby blue satin,

You can either write tiny notes or stick even tinier photos, the choice is yours! Let’s see whats behind those bright red doors, shall we?


There’s multi-colored paper pouch holding photo tags, again tied with satin ribbons. Behind the green sheet, there’s a-


That’s right! A photo again! And embellished with adorable flower cut-outs. Now for the final and most ravishing surprises of all! Wait for it, its almost there-


Tada! A pop up card holding a bunch of colorful flowers! ❤ And that brings us to the end of this beautiful handmade greeting card! Hope you guys liked it. Watch the video here

Layered Cards

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Happy Crafting guys! ❤


Jewelry Box

Hey ya’ll! So, this was the most challenging product ever, that I had to make. I absolutely loved working with this particular client as he had some very creative ideas on how to go about it. He wanted an exotic handmade box with three compartments and a pull out draw to gift to a special someone. I went along with a silver and purple theme to make it seem regal and pretty. The box on the outside looks like,


I secured the lid with a button clasp. Let’s show you the side view of the box,


I must say, the silver patterned paper added so much to the jewelry box and gave it just the finish that I needed. On opening,


All the three compartments have lids which can be opened by way of the attached purple satin ribbon. The purple pull out draw looks like this,


The finished product turned out fantastic, pardon me saying so myself! I worked so hard at it but it was totally worth it 😀

See the full video of the jewelry box here, Jewelry Box

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The fully populated jewelry box looks like,


Hope you guys liked it as much as I did ! Happy Crafting !

Popsicle Stick Bookmarks

Handmade crafts today are all about being environment friendly, making use of recycled materials and keeping within the budget. The perfect solution is the use of popsicle sticks! They cost very very less when purchased and are easy to work with. There are numerous popsicle stick crafts out there, so, for today, lets start with the Popsicle stick Bookmarks.

Taking inspiration from an idea that I saw on Pinterest, I came up with the kitty bookmarks. They are extremely cute and I even stamped paw prints on the rest of the popsicle stick! I used glitter foam sheets to cut out the shape of the kittens and as way of embellishment, I added metal wire bows, pearls and some pretty stones.


I bunched them all together and stood them in a mini mason jar to create a colorful photo! After seeing these bookmarks, even those without a reading habit will take it up just to stick these kitty bookmarks in their novels!

There are absolutely loads of different DIY ideas for bookmarks like corner bookmarks, spectacle bookmarks and so on which I already covered in a previous post.

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Happy crafting guys!




Tri-fold Shutter Card

In search of something cute, yet different, to gift your loved ones? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We at StonePaperScissors, aim to amp up our creativity levels each time we take on a new project. So, here’s a tri-fold shutter card and its name has been derived from the way the card is folded over in three different places.

Here’s the first look-

As you can see, the card is folded into three portions, the left, the center and the right sides respectively. I used a cake cutout decorated in pretty blues and yellows on the left side of the fold. This was a card I gifted for my cousin’s 21st birthday. As she is a die-hard fan of puppies and doggies, I used three adorable doggy cutouts to adorn the center and right folds. Throw in a few balloons and loving messages, your card is done!

Fully opened, it looks something like this-


Through simplicity comes great beauty! So apt for the tri-fold shutter card. Hope you guys liked it. Grab your very customized cards now at fb/stonepaperscissors07 and on Instagram at stone_paper_scissors.

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Billiards Themed Card

I always love themed cards. They are like a breath of fresh air from all the mundane greeting cards! So, this particular client wanted a billiards table themed birthday card. I absolutely loved the idea and the final product turned out fantastic, pardon me saying so myself!


I decorated the inside with a bunch of photos and a heartfelt message! 😀


Themed cards make great gifts for all kinds of occasions, be it birthdays, weddings and  the likes. See more exciting handmade stuff on Facebook at stonepaperscissors07 and on Instagram at stone_paper_scissors

Hope you guys liked it! Happy crafting 🙂


Birthday Card Ideas

There’s never a dearth of birthdays ! Likewise, there’s never a dearth of birthday greeting cards ! 😀  I love just how simple yet adorable these cards turned out to be. Minimal effort and maximum effect are the keywords here 🙂

These handmade greeting cards are the perfect symbol of love for any special person. Here are a few more designs for you guys to select from.

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Happy Crafting !

Customized Wall Decor

Hey guys ! After a long long break, here I am back with some really exciting stuff that I wanna share with all you guys. The break was due to the fact that I finally completed college and now I’m a happy and free graduate 😀

A while ago I wrote a post about a personalized wooden heart if you remember? Well, this is something similar to that except its personalized wooden numbers. It was my parents’ 25th silver wedding anniversary and I’ve already gifted them all kinds of scrapbooks, exploding boxes and the likes so I came up with this idea of sticking cute photos on wooden letters as I’ve never done it before!

Truth be told, the final product was every bit as lovely as I expected it to be 😀

Here take a look,


Here’s a trick. Instead of using regular fevicol, I used modge podge for a better finish. 🙂 Now any letters or numbers can be done in this wooden form and can be the perfect gifts for any occasion whatsoever!

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Happy Crafting!