20 things I love about you !

This is a great gift to give someone who you won’t be seeing in a long time or someone who’s turning twenty ! The twenty things can be anything from I love your smile, I love your kind heart to I love the way you take care of me and so on. They can be written in small handmade envelopes like I have done or in handwritten notes encased in a glass jar.


To make it even more colorful and pretty and mysterious I put the envelopes in a hand stitched pouch made out of transparent wrapping paper !


I also attached cute little gift tags and tied the whole thing up with a white satin ribbon 🙂

It needn’t be just 20 things. It can be more like a 100 things and so on. Another way to encase the little notes as i said earlier is in a glass jar like this


They make really cute gifts to present a special someone 🙂