Handmade Clay Jewelry

After jewelry being made with quilling paper, here’s jewelry made with clay ! Its unique,long lasting and eco friendly πŸ™‚

Many different designs can be done to suit people’s needs. Beads and stones have been used to make the necklaces and earrings look prettier. Other articles of jewelry like bracelets and anklets can also be done.

Happy crafting πŸ˜€


Layered Greeting Card

This card sort of equals an endless card because it has so many layers that after sometime, one loses count ! It is designed like a mini scrapbook with heaps of pictures and heartfelt messages πŸ™‚ It is exciting to be presented with something as lovely as this cause there is so much to take in and so many memories combined ! Here’s how the card looks before the looong process of opening it begins —


Now for the inside. The first layer looks like this


Those are photos of the birthday boy πŸ˜€

The next layer holds colorful balloons and some more pictures


Yes the birthday boy is my best friend and he was extremely delighted to get this card as a gift ! πŸ™‚ More accurately, he was speechless :p

After opening the black doors you can find


This may look a little confusing so let me help you out here ! The peach pull outs are pasted to the back of the black doors. They also contain photos on the front and back and a big message in the centre.

On pulling out the heart papered doors you get


This in itself can be designed as a single card but in this model it serves to add flavor to the entire card. Now on opening the striped strips, we come across a classy red pouch that holds many photo tags and birthday messages !


The yellow flap opens backwards to reveal–


The purple card is the final touch to this elaborate greeting card


This is a pop up card with the colorful flowers and the final birthday message πŸ™‚ This brings us to the end of the layered card.

It can be used for any occasion other than a birthday–to mark an anniversary or to highlight how special someone is to you and so on !

I know this post has been lengthyΒ but I hope you like it πŸ™‚

Happy crafting ! πŸ˜€

Handmade Wall Hanging

How do we display our photos? In photo frames would be the most common answer. Here’s a different way of displaying your photos in a very creative way. I made a wall hanging that can hold three photos. It is a two way hanging meaning that it can be hung on either side ! Here, lemme show you how-


This is one way of hanging it. I do love the butterflies ! They add a very cute touch ! More than three slots can be made to hold photos. Now the other way of hanging it itIMG_20151125_115722368

This is a gift ordered by a loving son for his amazing parents. I’ve written notes to that effect on the back of the hanging and stuck paper flowers to create an adorable picture. So this is the second way of hanging up the gift πŸ™‚

Happy Crafting ! πŸ˜€

Exploding Boxes

As you can see I’m becoming an expert on making and designing various exploding boxes. They have become really popular with many people wanting to gift their loved ones with an exploding box of their own. They make great gifts to present someone really special and can be used for all occasions. The box that I made was ordered by a loving husband to his wife wishing her all the best πŸ™‚

I incorporated a pastel theme all over the box and this is how it looks


Once you open the lid and the box explodes out,the inside looks something like this


Watch this space for more exciting handcrafted things πŸ™‚

Happy Crafting !

Greeting Cards !

Coming up with new ideas every week is extremely exciting and deeply satisfying our creative needs ! Here’s a new way to make a greeting card. This can be gifted for any occasion. Right now this idea has been used for a birthday πŸ™‚


On opening up the card, you will find


Happy Birthday has been written with a 3D glitter tube to add a nice touch. A unique way of presenting a photo is shown below


Hope you like it !

Heart Stamped Card

Take a look at our heart stamped greeting card. It gives the impression of being Β a pop up card due to the intricate folding with a birthday message written at the centre of the card.The cover of the card looks like any other card with a design and a tag-


This card can be used for any special occasion like an anniversary or a good luck card or even a congratulatory Β card apart from the regular birthday card !

Once you open the card then you are in for a surprise πŸ™‚


The final card on fully opening looks like this


Check out the cute heart stamps and the curvy font of the birthday message ! Its a simple idea but an elegant one at that πŸ™‚



DIY Photo Frame

To deviate a little from all the CD photo frames and stuff, here’s an idea to make a lovely photo frame that looks elegant and extremely neat. This is due to all the folding that takes place when making the said frame. I, personally love the diamond shape (in which you place your photo) that you get once the frame is done.

So here’s how it looks


You can fold it upon itself,giving it an appearance of a book. For a nice finishing touch,tie a ribbon around the book.

Happy Crafting ! πŸ™‚