Hot Air Balloon Card :)

Joining our collection of washi tape cards and classy cards here’s a greeting card with heart shaped hot air balloons as the cover !

It’s extremely classy pardon me saying so myself, but I just love how the final product turned out !


Happy crafting ! πŸ™‚


Cocktail Dress Card

Here’s a cocktail red dress adorning the front of the greeting card being added to the entourage of festive cards !

This would be great to gift someone for the New Year who is totally into fashion and dresses πŸ™‚


There’s also a fashionable clutch to go along with the dress.


Stall #19

This is our second event ! We put up a stall at our college fest, GEM 2k15 and needless to say it was an amazing experience ! We thank all our wonderfulΒ friends and family who supported us to no end and helped make it a roaring success πŸ˜€

The appreciation that we received made us realise why we do what we do !

It is truly fulfilling to know that you are bringing happiness to a person’s life through your work πŸ™‚



That is our stall from a distance ! A closer look will show you–


A few of our products on display are–


Happiness is handmade indeed !

Happy crafting πŸ™‚



Classy Greeting Cards

Hi ! So its been a long time what with us putting up a stall at our college fest and then being enveloped in tonnes of orders !

We are back with a fairly simple yet elegant greeting card that can be gifted for any occasion. It’s been done in black and white for a birthday. More colors can be used πŸ™‚

Here’s how it looks–


Watch this space for more of our upcoming posts !

Happy Crafting πŸ˜€

Wooden Earring Holder :)

I’ve always wondered how to organize my huge collection of junk jewelry, mainly earrings. I used to store them in shoeboxes which made it extremely hard to find Β anything. Then out of the blue I came across this absolutely adorable idea of a stand made out of ice cream sticks on Pinterest ! I used sticky tapes in my rendition of the earring holder and I loved the final look πŸ˜€ Here’s how it came out–


Doesn’t it look extremely cute ?! I’m gonna make some more of these and hang all my earrings on them. Now I can just pick whichever pair that suits my dress saving me a lot of time πŸ™‚

Happy crafting ! πŸ˜€