‘I ❤Heart❤ You’ Box

Get your very own gift box filled with love notes, chocolates and other goodies that say ‘I Heart You‘ to your special someone this ❤Valentine’s Week❤!

I added 14 notes to this box symbolising February 14th and numbered them in little ❤hearts❤.The lid reads ‘your love is my drug‘ and is an apt saying to be said this time of the month 😀

Happy Crafting 🙂


❤Love Card❤

Here’s the cliched greeting card wishing your soulmate a ❤Happy Valentine’s Day❤ albeit with a twist 😀

This card has got pull out tabs with lots of photos and two whole pages of 12 memories one for each month ❤


This is an anniversary card which can be remade into a  ❤Valentine’s card ❤ ! Here’s the first page inside the card


The top left corner consists of the pull out tab with the photos ! This card is a full celebration of love this  ❤Valentine’s Week ❤

Take a look at the pull out tab


4 photos have been fitted but more can be inserted 🙂

Now for the final page in the card


The happy anniversary can be changed to happy valentine’s ! 🙂 Hope you like it. Hurry up and place your orders to get one of your own customised love cards  ❤

Happy crafting 🙂

❤Gifts in a Jar❤

Another great gift to give your other half this ❤Valentine’s Week❤ would be handwritten notes enclosed in a glass jar! It would be perfect to write down all the reasons of why you❤love❤ him/her and have them read it one by one.

To make it even more special, I have decorated the outside of the jar as well and also wrote the name of the person gifting it 🙂


20 notes have been made but many more can be done like 100 things I like about you 🙂

These are the 20 notes done in different shapes and sizes and tied with a red ribbon to give a  ❤ romantic effect ❤


Here’s the final package of the jar


You can add chocolates,thermocol balls and other glitterati to make the jar as colorful as possible!

Happy crafting ❤

❤Mini Album❤

A great gift to give this ❤Valentine’s Day❤ would be a mini photo album ! It is extremely cute and compact and can be a perfect expression of love ❤

It is made to hold photos primarily that helps to capture all your lovely memories in one album but it can also just contain love notes on pull out tabs.

You can add a variety of topics that remind your loved one of those special memories that only the two of you share !

I made 15 envelopes for a client but the number is not fixed.

I’m sure all of you have heard of the ❤Open When Envelopes❤ that are the rage right now. Well this album is my own spin on those enevelopes 😀

So hurry up and get one of your very own ❤ customised mini albums ❤


Happy Crafting 🙂

Smiley gift boxes

Up this ❤Valentine’s❤ celebration by presenting your beloved with gifts packaged in these adorable smiley gift boxes 

They can be done in many more emoticons to capture the correct emotion 🙂


Hurry up and order so you can have an extremely special ❤Valentine’s Week

Happy Crafting 🙂

❤Valentine’s Week❤

Give a Romantic & Stunning ❤ Valentine’s Day Gift ❤ to Him or Her, from cards, jewelry and personalized gifts to anything handmade. You name it & StonePaperScissors has got it!

Let us create the perfect Valentine’s Week for you and help your loved ones become enthralled with your show of love ❤

We have come up with a lot of unique ideas like gift hampers, mason jars, customised cards, scrapbooks and many other items to make this occasion a very special one ❤


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Happy crafting