❤Love Card❤

Here’s the cliched greeting card wishing your soulmate a ❤Happy Valentine’s Day❤ albeit with a twist 😀

This card has got pull out tabs with lots of photos and two whole pages of 12 memories one for each month ❤


This is an anniversary card which can be remade into a  ❤Valentine’s card ❤ ! Here’s the first page inside the card


The top left corner consists of the pull out tab with the photos ! This card is a full celebration of love this  ❤Valentine’s Week ❤

Take a look at the pull out tab


4 photos have been fitted but more can be inserted 🙂

Now for the final page in the card


The happy anniversary can be changed to happy valentine’s ! 🙂 Hope you like it. Hurry up and place your orders to get one of your own customised love cards  ❤

Happy crafting 🙂