Mini Exploding Boxes

Mini exploding boxes make sweet little scrapbooks and gifts for all occasions.The final box is a real little cutie. The end product is a 4×4 square shaped mini album in a box which opens or explodes into a cool little album when you take off the lid.

This mini album can also double as a gift box. Fill it with lots of photos, pop in a small present and present it to the recipient who will be sure to love both the gift and the pics.

Here’s how it looks


A single box would like this

The sky is the limit for your embellishing.You can  embellish the center square  and the inside of the cover, and of course the outside of the box as well.

Take a peek at the inside 🙂


It can be that complicated or we can simplify it to something like this


These adorable little boxes are my favorite and they make perfect gifts for anybody !

Happy crafting 🙂