Exploding Boxes :)

A box for any occasion. A box that does nothing but fall open. Who doesn’t want one? Yes, I am talking about an exploding box. They have been the most popular item among my customers 😀

This time, I have chosen a pastel theme for the entire box with a 3D cake in the center that adds to the surprise 🙂


It was an anniversary gift but the box can be customized on order 🙂


I decorated the sides of the box with patterned quilling paper and rhinestones. I also engraved the initials of the happy couple in red hearts with cute buttons stuck on the edges ❤

Now for the inside–


This is a slightly simpler version of the exploding box. A more complicated model would include many more layers and customization.


That is the pretty three dimensional cake that I created for this order. I actually stuck a real candle on top :p

Here’s a link to the video showcasing the exploding box 🙂

Watch This

Hope you like it 🙂 Happy crafting 🙂