Customized Bookmarks ;)

Thinking out of the box is very often required by any person claiming to be even slightly creative. Customised bookmarks are a perfect example of a ‘think out of thé box’ idea ! These bookmarks satiate my thirst for creativity and i just love the idea of using such specialised bookmarks 😀


Make your reading experience thoroughly enjoyable with these adorable handmade bookmarks ! 🙂


Happy Crafting ! 😀


DIY Geometric Holders :)

Always in despair of finding little containers to hold small items like clips,erasers,tapes,earrings and the likes ? Well, here’s the happy solution to your despair in the form of a geometric holder 😀

These are incredibly cute and easy to make and can be used to hold a wide variety of things other than those mentioned above. I even saw a few geometric holders being used to hold plants !


They can be made in different sizes and colors and are extremely useful little things 🙂

Happy Crafting !

More Pop Up Cards !

Pop up cards seem to be the in thing nowadays ! I am hardly surprised as they are extremely creative and add an element of surprise 🙂

Here’s a cheerful card with a woven basket inside it.


It is a simple and elegant card that can be used for any special occasion .

The delightful surprise awaits inside. Take a look 😉


The basket is woven and red hearts have been stuck on top. It is an amazing gift to present your loved ones. ❤

Happy Crafting ! 😀

Photo Purse ❤

Imaginative,innovative and inventive ! These words can be used to describe my latest project- a photo purse ! It is designed as a classy red purse with a pretty golden bow adorning the flap.


On opening the purse, the actual surprise is seen. Inside, there are no compartments for holding money and other essentials but two slots for putting photos. In short, it is actually a photo frame disguised as a purse ! 😀


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Pop Up Birthday Cards :D

Pop-up greeting cards are a great twist on the ordinary greeting card. They are enormously fun and easy to create !

I love pop up cards because on the outside they look as innocent as an ordinary  card but once you open it, the surprise hits you in the face ! 😀


Those diamond shapes were hand cut and involved a lot of technique.Such cards can be used to gift on any special occasion 🙂


The cake pops out as soon as the card is opened. The card can be left relatively simple as pop-ups take all the attention for themselves :p

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Happy Crafting ❤

Cards for any Occasion !

We have wonderful cards for every occasion like birthdays, anniversary, wedding, get well, pets, everyday events, friendship, family, flowers, stay in touch, thank, congrats and funny and many more. 😀

This is one model of a card for today’s post !  If you look through my blog you can find ideas for lots more cards and other gift articles 🙂

Take a look


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Watch this space for more creative stuff 🙂

Happy crafting !

Scrapbooking Again ! :D

Scrapbooking is an amazing way for preserving personal and family history in the form of a scrapbook. As the saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ but a page in a scrapbook is worth a million memories ! 😀


This is the cover of the scrapbook album. It was presented as a 25th anniversary gift to my partner’s parents 🙂

Colorful sticky tapes have been used to outline the borders.

The pretty pouch can hold lots of photos tags and messages and gift cards.

These are just a few sample pages from the actual scrapbook. If you want to view more subscribe to our blog or watch the complete video here


Happy crafting guys ! ❤