Outlet #1 : @Moksha

It has been really long since I posted anything and I blame it all on college keeping me busy ! We had a continuous stream of exams and tests and very little sleep. 😦  It took me this long to recover and finally start posting again ! 😀 

The last post was about expanding our venture and displaying our products at various outlets. So here goes, the first outlet is at Moksha Restocafe  situated in Daspalla Hills, as you all probably know ! It is an amazing cafe, very quaint and pretty and perfect for my purpose !

I was given four shelves to display my products and with lots of help from my friends, I managed to make the whole section look charming 🙂 Take a look and tell me if you think so too 😉


Greeting cards, exploding boxes, wall hangings, jewellery and pyramid gift boxes have been put on display at the cafe. You can purchase your very own StonePaperScissors gift articles directly from Moksha Restocafe.

So hurry up and start gifting 😀