Wall Art :)

Looking for some creative DIY wall art ideas that won’t break the budget? You’ve come to the right place 😀 This particular wall hanging was a birthday present which was customised according to the client’s wishes !


The three balloons have Happy Birthday written on them. These adorable wall hangings can be gifted on any occasion be it birthdays, anniversaries or festivals 🙂

Go on ! Hurry up and get one of your own customised wall hangings.

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Happy Crafting ! 🙂



Milestone #1 :)

StonePaperScissors has today been featured in a leading daily, The New Indian Express. I am extremely grateful to all my family and friends who have shown me so much love and support. This milestone has been achieved just post the one-year anniversary of StonePaperScissors and has been the best gift possible ! 😀


This is a huge step for us and will serve to boost both our creativity and sales ! We are blessed to have been given this opportunity and would like to thank everybody who has made this possible ❤

Happy crafting 🙂

The Happy Jar :)

Think happiness ! Throw some sunshine into your close ones’ lives ! Now you can do one better and spread happiness with this cute little jar that contains 101 notes of happy little thoughts, one for each day if they are feeling down or low or generally out of sorts with the world 😀

The notes come in different shapes and sizes and numbers 🙂

Keep gifting 😀

Of Frames & the Likes

Enhance your home decor with these fun and amazing frames that not only hold photos but also messages and quotes and the likes ! Avoid the high prices of custom made picture frames and invest in handmade frames like these 😀


They can be made in various colors and sizes 🙂 Grab your very own customised frame as soon as possible !

Happy Crafting !

Fashionable Phone Cases

StonePaperScissors brings you the all new collection of phone cases that are one of a kind, pretty and elegant, all at the same time. All models are available at very reasonable prices. Get your own designer case today ! 🙂


Some more creative cases include

The cases can be customised according to the wishes of any individual. There is no dearth for  designs and we’ve only just begun ! 😀

Happy Crafting 🙂