I am collaborating with Myriad Moods 2.0 !

This is an exciting time of the year what with the year almost coming to a close and various festivities happening all around us ! I am thrilled to announce that our first ever exhibition in Visakhapatnam  is taking place at Visakha Museum from November 26th to 30th 😀

We are collaborating with the very talented artist, Sharmla Karri (who happens to be my aunt :P).She is going to be displaying a whopping number of paintings at the Museum collectively titled, Myriad Moods 2.0. You can follow her on facebook at Sharmla Karri’s Paintings

Here are all the details of our exhibition 🙂

The exhibition stays open as long as the museum does so the timings are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and the entry is totally free !

So block your dates for the end of this month and be prepared to be lost in a world of creativity and art ! ❤

Happy crafting 🙂