Day 3 @exhibition

After two whole days of meeting and interacting with new people, the third day was a little easier for me as I finally got used to it ! So I was able to relax and have lots of fun on day 3 😀  There was time to click a lot of pictures . Many of my friends came too making that day all the more interesting !

The first customer was my aunt’s friend and she bought one of our handmade chains made out of american clay !


A lot of interested people were milling around my stall and here are a few candid shots of me interacting with them 🙂

On the third day, I rearranged my stall yet again to make it look as pretty as possible 😀

Take a quick peek !


My ever supportive family and friends posed for pictures with me as well as the customers.

I had a perfectly amazing time at the exhibition and I hope you guys are having a great time reading all about it ! 😀

Happy Crafting 🙂