No reason,just love❤

Wondering what to give your other half when he/she already has everything ? How about this amazing card filled with love made especially for them ? This card doesn’t have to be given particularly as a Valentine’s day present, it can be given for no reason at all ! Like, maybe as a remembrance or a token of the love shared between you and your partner. ❤

That’s how special this card is. Go on, take a peek 😀


The cover page of the card is decorated with a large red heart. The inside is even better !


This is the first layer once you open the card. On the left, you can either stick photos or write notes as per your wish. Once the red doors of love are opened, you can see-


a cute heart popping out of the card ! Now, ain’t that adorable ?! So hurry up and grab your very own ‘I-don’t-need-a-reason-to-gift-my-loved-one-a-super-cute-card-filled-with-love’ asap !

Happy crafting guys ❤ Spread the love !



❤Scrapbook Of Love❤

What better way to celebrate your  ❤love❤ than by compiling all your lovely memories into a scrapbook ! This one comes with a twist. Instead of just sticking photos on each page, heart-shaped pouches have been made which can hold tiny memorabilia along with pictures. Isn’t that great ?! 😀

Have a peek-


That is the cover of the scrapbook decorated with glitter and bling 🙂

The pages inside look like this-

The flap is pulled upwards to open the pouch.

The number of pages can be increased or decreased accordingly. Don’t they look adorable ? 🙂

This is the perfect gift to present your loved ones with so hurry up and order yours !

Happy crafting !


Candle Holders

Set the perfect mood for your home with these cute candle holders made out of pista shells which are great to look at and also environmental friendly ! 😀

Have a look see


I left the shells in their natural color and only used varnish to give it a finishing touch but the shells can also be painted in whichever color is needed 🙂 I just really liked the wooden shade !

I placed tea candles in the holders but candles of different sizes and colors can be used.

A candle holder painted purple would look something like this 🙂


This way all those pista shells that we throw away can be recycled for a creative cause 😀

Happy crafting 🙂