Billiards Themed Card

I always love themed cards. They are like a breath of fresh air from all the mundane greeting cards! So, this particular client wanted a billiards table themed birthday card. I absolutely loved the idea and the final product turned out fantastic, pardon me saying so myself!


I decorated the inside with a bunch of photos and a heartfelt message! 😀


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Hope you guys liked it! Happy crafting 🙂



Birthday Card Ideas

There’s never a dearth of birthdays ! Likewise, there’s never a dearth of birthday greeting cards ! 😀  I love just how simple yet adorable these cards turned out to be. Minimal effort and maximum effect are the keywords here 🙂

These handmade greeting cards are the perfect symbol of love for any special person. Here are a few more designs for you guys to select from.

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Happy Crafting !