Popsicle Stick Bookmarks

Handmade crafts today are all about being environment friendly, making use of recycled materials and keeping within the budget. The perfect solution is the use of popsicle sticks! They cost very very less when purchased and are easy to work with. There are numerous popsicle stick crafts out there, so, for today, lets start with the Popsicle stick Bookmarks.

Taking inspiration from an idea that I saw on Pinterest, I came up with the kitty bookmarks. They are extremely cute and I even stamped paw prints on the rest of the popsicle stick! I used glitter foam sheets to cut out the shape of the kittens and as way of embellishment, I added metal wire bows, pearls and some pretty stones.


I bunched them all together and stood them in a mini mason jar to create a colorful photo! After seeing these bookmarks, even those without a reading habit will take it up just to stick these kitty bookmarks in their novels!

There are absolutely loads of different DIY ideas for bookmarks like corner bookmarks, spectacle bookmarks and so on which I already covered in a previous post.

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Happy crafting guys!