Jewelry Box

Hey ya’ll! So, this was the most challenging product ever, that I had to make. I absolutely loved working with this particular client as he had some very creative ideas on how to go about it. He wanted an exotic handmade box with three compartments and a pull out draw to gift to a special someone. I went along with a silver and purple theme to make it seem regal and pretty. The box on the outside looks like,


I secured the lid with a button clasp. Let’s show you the side view of the box,


I must say, the silver patterned paper added so much to the jewelry box and gave it just the finish that I needed. On opening,


All the three compartments have lids which can be opened by way of the attached purple satin ribbon. The purple pull out draw looks like this,


The finished product turned out fantastic, pardon me saying so myself! I worked so hard at it but it was totally worth it 😀

See the full video of the jewelry box here, Jewelry Box

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The fully populated jewelry box looks like,


Hope you guys liked it as much as I did ! Happy Crafting !