Layered Cards ❤

This is one my favorite products because it holds so many amazing surprises! The handmade layered card has its definition in the name itself. It is handmade :p and has many, many layers! It is of the one of the best outlets for creativity and I’ve kept you guys waiting long enough. Go on, take a look!


The doors are laced together with yellow satin twine and once they are opened, behold !


The photos begin! This greeting card has so many places where you can stick photos, it can act as a mini album in itself. Let’s open the doors once again 😀


To take a closer look at the cute yellow pouches fastened with baby blue satin,

You can either write tiny notes or stick even tinier photos, the choice is yours! Let’s see whats behind those bright red doors, shall we?


There’s multi-colored paper pouch holding photo tags, again tied with satin ribbons. Behind the green sheet, there’s a-


That’s right! A photo again! And embellished with adorable flower cut-outs. Now for the final and most ravishing surprises of all! Wait for it, its almost there-


Tada! A pop up card holding a bunch of colorful flowers! ❤ And that brings us to the end of this beautiful handmade greeting card! Hope you guys liked it. Watch the video here

Layered Cards

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Happy Crafting guys! ❤


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