Birthday Card Ideas

There’s never a dearth of birthdays ! Likewise, there’s never a dearth of birthday greeting cards ! 😀  I love just how simple yet adorable these cards turned out to be. Minimal effort and maximum effect are the keywords here 🙂

These handmade greeting cards are the perfect symbol of love for any special person. Here are a few more designs for you guys to select from.

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Happy Crafting !


Customized Wall Decor

Hey guys ! After a long long break, here I am back with some really exciting stuff that I wanna share with all you guys. The break was due to the fact that I finally completed college and now I’m a happy and free graduate 😀

A while ago I wrote a post about a personalized wooden heart if you remember? Well, this is something similar to that except its personalized wooden numbers. It was my parents’ 25th silver wedding anniversary and I’ve already gifted them all kinds of scrapbooks, exploding boxes and the likes so I came up with this idea of sticking cute photos on wooden letters as I’ve never done it before!

Truth be told, the final product was every bit as lovely as I expected it to be 😀

Here take a look,


Here’s a trick. Instead of using regular fevicol, I used modge podge for a better finish. 🙂 Now any letters or numbers can be done in this wooden form and can be the perfect gifts for any occasion whatsoever!

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Happy Crafting!

Wall Art :)

Looking for some creative DIY wall art ideas that won’t break the budget? You’ve come to the right place 😀 This particular wall hanging was a birthday present which was customised according to the client’s wishes !


The three balloons have Happy Birthday written on them. These adorable wall hangings can be gifted on any occasion be it birthdays, anniversaries or festivals 🙂

Go on ! Hurry up and get one of your own customised wall hangings.

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Happy Crafting ! 🙂